Affiliated Airway Groups

Affiliation with WAAM is free to clinicians throughout the globe that are involved/interested in advanced airway management. WAAM will be open to Local, National and International Airway Societies, Airway Groups, Airway Training Courses and Industry partners. Affiliation with WAAM will require Board approval.

WAAM Affiliation

WAAM strives to be an open access global resource. In order to be eligible for WAAM affiliation, one of the following criteria must be met:

Must be an established

  • Airway Society
  • Airway group
  • Airway training course with members
  • Industry partner.

Rarely, individuals from remote locations will be considered for membership. Such individuals will be encouraged to join one or more of the host societies, if feasible. Each host society shall offer affiliation to WAAM to all of their members in good standing.

WAAM Industry Partner

Must be engaged in Industry practice with a strong focus on Airway Management.

Affiliated Groups ​

Airway Society Kochi (ASK)

Airway Society Kochi (ASK) was formed in August 2016 with the aim of holding conferences, seminars and workshops periodically to enhance the knowledge and skills of members and like minded medical personnel in the science and art of human airway management.

We have successfully conducted two Advanced Airway Management Conferences (DAS Verified) during the last two years and both were highly appreciated by delegates and faculty alike. Kochi Airway workshop and conference has become the most sought after Airway management course in this part of India.

Airway Management Foundation (AMF), India

The Airway Management Foundation (AMF) originates from the seed sown back in 2003 and nurtured through a free and two-way exchange between experts and participants on regular basis. It now has a large pool of Airway Instructors who ensure uniformity of approach to understanding and sharing of information and skills. AMF aims to make the study of Airway Management Interesting, user friendly and uniform and to spread the belief that- ‘Nothing is Difficult Once You Have Learned How to Do It!’

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South East Asian Conference of the World Alliance of Airway Management in Vietnam 13th & 14th April 2024

The first South East Asian Conference of the World Alliance of Airway Management (WAAM) will take place in Vietnam on the 13th and 14th April 2024, in partnership with Vietnam Airlines and Facing the World Charitable Foundation.

Bringing international airway experts from across the world together in Vietnam, the conference has been organised and facilitated by Facing The World CEO Katrin Kandel in conjunction with hospital anaesthetists from the 108 Central Hospital, Viet Duc Hospital and Hong Ngoc Hospital in Hanoi, and with support from Vietnam Airlines and Hong Ngoc group.

With over a thousand global participants expected to attend, the conference will facilitate links between airway societies, special interest groups, airway fellowship providers, training centers and airway related charities as well as a repository for local, national, and international airway societies, guidelines, statements, airway related education, research projects, research opportunities and grants.

As well as the World Alliance of Airway Management Satellite Conference, Facing the world and its partners create opportunities to share medical knowledge and skills through professional exchange and training programs around the world.