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World Alliance of Airway Management
WAMM 2025

Register your interest now for WAMM 2025, which will be held in Florence, Italy from 5-8 November 2025.

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Affiliated Airway Groups

Affiliation with WAAM is free to clinicians throughout the globe that are involved/interested in advanced airway management. WAAM is open to Local, National and International Airway Societies, Airway Groups, Airway Training Courses and Industry partners

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World Alliance of Airway Management
About WAAM

The World Alliance of Airway Management is a not-for-profit grouping that acts as a conduit for:
• Future World Airway Management Meetings [WAMM].
• Local, National and International Airway Societies - (guidelines, statements, advertising, meetings, airway issues).
• A link between Airway Societies, special interest groups, airway fellowships, training courses.

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Alliance Members


Latest Tweets from DAS


Latest Tweets from EAMS


Latest Tweets from SAM

Welcome from the Advisory Board

The World Alliance of Airway Management (WAAM) is a not-for-profit educational alliance launched by the Difficult Airway Society (DAS), the European Airway Management Society (EAMS) and the Society for Airway Management (SAM) in 2020. Following the global success and impact of the 2015 & 2019 World Airway Management Meetings (WAMM), The World Alliance of airway Management (WAAM) was formed to create a globally accessible conduit and resource for all aspects of airway management. Despite the challenges and hardships of the pandemic that we have experienced since 2019, airway management has continued to evolve in exciting and novel ways. We look forward to the next WAMM meeting in 2025 to bring the global airway audience together again! Questions are welcomed and should be addressed to: Thank you for your time and interest in making WAMM 2025 another fantastic global educational event! WAAM Executive Directors

Prof Ellen O’Sullivan,

Elizabeth Cordes Behringer

Prof Anil Patel

Current Projects

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WAAM Training

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Airway Groups

Affiliated Global Airway Societies, Interest Groups, Training Programs & Advanced Airway Management Fellowships

Latest Tweets from WAAM

Preoxygenation with NIV or facemask for intubation?

The PREOXI trial results

➡️Presentation @JonathanCaseyMD @KevinGibbsMD
➡️ Editorial @FreundYonathan
➡️Panel @VR_Cornelius @SheilaMyatra @agordonICU Jan Gunst
➡️Chair @kelly1_catriona


📣 #DAS2024

Abstract submission portal for @DAS_2024 is now open!! Follow this link to see the categories and timeline
Impressive programme with excellent faculty confirmed..
Early bird rates ends 20th June..please do join us at this wonderful venue for some excellent airway education!

Delighted to deliver the citation for @altgm at #anaesthesia2024 on receipt of @RCoANews College Medal . Honoured for his tremendous work as inaugural AIRWAY Lead Advisor @RCoANews over last 7 yrs @dastrainees @dasairway @COAIrl @dr_imranahmad @doctimcook

WAMM 2023


World Airway Management Meeting 2023

Invitation to Submit a Proposal to Host WAMM 2023

The World Alliance of Airway Management and our Core Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) partner Conference Partners International are seeking bids from National Airway Management Associations and Societies to host the World Airways Management Meeting in 2023.

WAMM 2019 Amsterdam

Latest News

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WAAM Supporters & Corporate Affiliates

Affiliated Airway Groups

This is a listing of Global Airway Societies, Interest Groups, Training Programs and Advanced Airway Management Fellowships.

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South East Asian Conference of the World Alliance of Airway Management in Vietnam 13th & 14th April 2024

The first South East Asian Conference of the World Alliance of Airway Management (WAAM) will take place in Vietnam on the 13th and 14th April 2024, in partnership with Vietnam Airlines and Facing the World Charitable Foundation.

Bringing international airway experts from across the world together in Vietnam, the conference has been organised and facilitated by Facing The World CEO Katrin Kandel in conjunction with hospital anaesthetists from the 108 Central Hospital, Viet Duc Hospital and Hong Ngoc Hospital in Hanoi, and with support from Vietnam Airlines and Hong Ngoc group.

With over a thousand global participants expected to attend, the conference will facilitate links between airway societies, special interest groups, airway fellowship providers, training centers and airway related charities as well as a repository for local, national, and international airway societies, guidelines, statements, airway related education, research projects, research opportunities and grants.

As well as the World Alliance of Airway Management Satellite Conference, Facing the world and its partners create opportunities to share medical knowledge and skills through professional exchange and training programs around the world.